the purpose

The grooming industry is growing and growing day by day, new products are making catalogs thicker and making decisions on what to use harder. At the grooming lab our goal is to provide you with independent reviews from everyday groomers. Every product will be reviewed from two perspectives: salon and mobile, and use on our very own clients so we can see results.

If you want to see reviews on specific products, please let us know. If you want your products to be tested and reviewed, just drop a line at and we’ll provide you with the information about how to proceed.

Hoping to help you make those decisions a little bit easier.

Happy grooming.

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Wonderful to see this blog! WONDERFUL! ~If you ever need any help, let me know! Also would love to have you review my Canine Spa Therapies products and both of my books- the Competition Grooming Guidebook and the Canine Reference Series charts when you may have some time! Thank you for your hard work!

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