Honeycombs for the busy groomer

One of the tools we take for granted is our comb. I use it daily, on every dog. There was one on my toolbox when joined the school. It was the only tool allowed to be on the table on every test. I use it so much that tooth started falling and or bending. I never paid too much attention to my comb until it broke. It was horrible, I had to use the rotary tool to polish and grind it so doesn’t scratch the skin while combing. In my narrow ignorant head I have this idea that all combs where the same. WRONG! I tried several one from several manufacturers and I hate them, too long teeth, too sharp, too flexible, teeth bend easy, round spine did not provide good grip and such, I felt lost. Somebody told me about an expensive one, I went and bought it and I was in love again. Years passed and learned more, and got into my head the idea of an all-wide comb instead of the combination I was using. So I bought another expensive one and on my first doodle the comb bend like a boomerang. What a big disappointment.

[box] Well no more disappointments. Returning to the AARONCO Tool Collection, these finely crafted combs fit the hand better and stay more comfortable far longer than traditional combs. Seven sizes are available. Manufactured in England they are the ultimate quality for the ultimate groomer! (From the website)[/box]

I heard about this company for years, they where making posters and books, that was all I knew about them. Mr. Sam Kohl is a legend in the grooming industry. He was the creator of the New York School of Grooming and the first Grooming Guide Book in 2002 “The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide” he also did All about Dog Shows in 2003 and the Cat Grooming Guide in 2004. But his love for the industry never stops there. He was always looking for ways to make grooming easier, better and practical. He knew the importance of the comb and the limitations we had. He decided to make a complete line of combs.

They are made of nickel-plated brass making this comb very hard yet not stiff and very durable. They are made in England where the original greyhound combs where designed and made.

Brass metals are a mixture of copper and zinc. Its color is similar to that of gold that is why brass manufacturers use brass to create jewelry. Because of its aesthetic characteristics similar to someprecious metals, not to mention its being fire- and heat-resistant, brass has become a substitute for ornaments and furniture, such as statues, chandeliers, lamps, cooking and dining utensils, and many others. Heavy equipment manufacturers use brass, too, as a material in manufacturing some of their parts because of brass metals’ durability.

Brass also has a disinfecting property. Studies reveal that brass can disinfect itself within eight hours. (www.articlesbase.com)

Electroplating is a plating process in which metal ions in a solution are moved by an electric field to coat an electrode. The process uses electrical current to reduce cations of a desired material from a solution and coat a conductive object with a thin layer of the material, such as a metal. Electroplating is primarily used for depositing a layer of material to bestow a desired property (e.g., abrasionand wear resistance, corrosion protection, lubricity, aesthetic qualities, etc.) to a surface that otherwise lacks that property. Another application uses electroplating to build up thickness on undersized parts.(wikipedia)

The honeycombs are available in seven sizes/combinations, and I love all of them. I used the all coarse on that doodle face and it did not bend. The 9″ Detailer has 21 Fine/44 Coarse teeth and is similar to my poodle comb, but is shorter and a bit smaller making it good to work on small poodles and fluffy mixes. The 9″ 52 all-coarse is the one I been using more when doing my finish work and fluff all the hair. 9″ 49 Medium/27 coarse is the most common greyhound style but longer. The All-medium 9″ has been another favorite to the final brush on fine hair; it helps me on catching those small tangles or spider webs. The 7.5 43 Medium/22 Coarse is the all day all around comb on my truck. I do my first initial client check with this one I run the coarse part first then finish with the fine. It is the right size for most of small hands and the light weigh make it easy to use. The 5″ 58 all medium is fantastic. They name it the show ring and are great to keep in your pocket to take to the ring. I also love to use it when doing a deep conditioning treatment, as the cream conditioner needs to be brush all over the coat this little guy fit this job perfect.  Finally the little tiny Pocket Pal 5″ 33 fine/17 coarse perfect for faces and feet.

As you can see there is Honeycomb for every need. Mr. Sam Kohl still looking for the best for the industry and in my opinion he did very well with these combs.


  • Pros:
  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • Great Selection
  • Nickel Plated
  • Glides thru the hair
  • Great Customer Service
  • Designed with the every day groomer in mind




  •   No much information about the benefits or uses on the website






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